Return of the Dead Eye

Its been a long time since I've updated this blog, I will be attaching it to my website soon enough which should keep my on my toes to update it.
The past 2 weeks has brought about a relocation to Cheltenham and some exciting new opportunities.
In terms of work, I am completely redoing my editorial section as I'm changing the style and content in that area. This should be up and running in the next couple of weeks.
Now that I have setup something resembling a studio, productivity should go way up and I hope to release an entirely new body of work under a pseudonym (may have promised this before).

In other news, St. Georgia is progressing nicely, I will hopefully get a few pages finished soon but I think I may keep it under wraps until completion. Please check out Digital Arts next month as I'm in the 'Showcase' section and go back in time to last month and buy Mac User where I'm interviewed.

If anyone wants to do some collaborating then let me know as I would love to get some sort of Illustration faction going. We could get some sweet tats'.