Omar goodness

A bit of a departure but I've been working on a picture of Omar Little from The Wire for a friend. It's been a nice little exercise for me so it's incredibly frustrating when my posh Epson R2400 decides to be a dick and have a mind of its own. Either that or the screen is all off, meaning more money shall be shed on a colorimeter. Here is a snippet of said image...

As for other news, a second wave of postcards is on its way later in the week. I've ordered some custom made stamps from the English Stamp Society to smackdown on the envelopes so as soon as they arrive from the Stork they will be forcefed to the postbox.
Robin Boyden Illustration will be continuely changing in content over the next couple of months as it fast becomes the stuffy older brother to its bratty new (and still nameless) sibling.

I've been working on a lot more narrative work recently and producing a lot of inking heavy landscapes which have been pleasantly enjoyable thus far. Expect a post soon.

That's about it. It's incredibly muggy so I might sleep in the fridge tonight.