Whether the Weather is wet...

Pleasant bit of thunderstorm today. Ozzy the cat has war wounds and several stitches in his neck and bandaged legs to stop him scratching them. He's not allowed outside because of this so the weather outside may have been some comfort to him. Stay put Kitty.
In other pet news, Jasper the cowardly puppy is afraid of caged gerbils.

My Moo postcards arrived today and looked awesome, just waiting on the character stickers I ordered to use as a seal on the back of the envelope then my paper ship shall sail.

Getting on with reinventing my currently lacklustre editorial section which will then spawn even more postcards. Currently scanning the internet for suitable animation MA for 2010 (unless I can sneak into somewhere this year).

Todays pictures are a couple of roughs. Number 1 is an editorial on thespian nudity and number 2 is a response to some comment from Clement Freud about "Having a name but no horse".

Uuuhh...that's it. I like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash's "It Ain't Me Babe" cover, it's a mood changer.