Twitchy Scribbles

I should be asleep by now but I stayed up to watch Nick Cave on BBC. However I missed it by perusing scribbles on the internet. Here we have the result of one of the roughs below and a rehash of an old piece about Scotophobia (fear of the dark) which is now in it's third incarnation.
Over the next few months I will be creating a new portfolio to run alongside my current one. I've been caught in two minds for a while now about the content and visual style of my portfolio so I've decided to produce two and become a schizophrenic illustrator. RBI will shoot off into a more 'mature' realm that will be focused more on editorials and publishing with the style reaching for a 'faux' woodcut finish (faux in that it will be heavy and thick penmanship that strives for that look).
The nameless portfolio 2 will focus on more commercial work, mainy looking for prospective advertising clients. This will be bolder in colour, vector based and *gulp* devoid of outlines. It's also a quicker method of working for me and a good space in which to confess childish and ill informed ideas.
Now all I need is a name for this portfolio and maybe a physical disguise.

Maybe a trunk.