Renmen Project

Hallo there,

Yesterday, I created a piece for The excellent Renmen Project, artists in support of Haiti.
Its a pencil.... with birds on it.
Here is some blurb about the project...

'Renmen' is the Haitian word for Love, the bird in the logo is the Hispaniolan Trogon, the national bird of Haiti. 'The Renmen Project' has been brought together by the team at Thunder Chunky and Ben The Illustrator in order to raise funds for UNICEF's Haiti Appeal.'

So we can see the birds, having a canoodle on top of the pencil, as birds tend to do. The pencil itself is in the colours of the Haitian flag and then we have the name of the project down the side. The 4H is a nerdy touch and can mean "for Haiti". Yes!
Then we have a little heart where the exposed pencil usually is.

To all you artists and illustrators, go send your support.

(Greeting card design)

I'm looking through the pool for the Renmen Project on Flickr. Yours is one of the best designs so far and I hope it will be used for the cards. The "4H" was one of the first things I noticed when you posted the link on Twitter. I thought it was a nice, clever detail. My opinion is not reliable, though. I'm a nerd in many ways! :)